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A harvest share (often known as a CSA/ Community Supported Agriculture share) provides you with a direct relationship to where your food is grown (on our farm!) and who is growing it (we are!). With this model, you pay the full cost of the harvest share at the beginning of the season, which allows us to purchase seed and equipment in the spring when our expenses are highest. In return, it allows you to eat seasonally, locally, and deliciously all summer long via a weekly produce box from our farm. You become an important part of our farm as a share member.


It’s an opportunity to get acquainted with the flow of a Southern Ontario growing season , to learn new recipes, meet some new folks, and invest in the wellbeing of yourself & your family! At the same time, you'll be supporting a method of growing food that has the health of the soil & you, the eater, as a main priority.

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Your share will include a variety of 6 - 9 seasonal vegetables that we harvest fresh from our farm. We strive to provide the tastiest varieties with the home cook in mind. The share will be available weekly on a designated pickup day & time that happens on our farm just outside of Stouffville. Your share in our farm includes weekly updates & corresponding recipe ideas for the vegetables you will receive, opportunities for you & your family to visit our farm, and the chance to share the ups and downs of small farm life.

Check out these photos from previous shares to get an idea of what we'll be growing for you weekly. We love growing food for our Share members and do our best to inspire you to eat well all season long!


The share runs for 22 weeks over the main growing season - early June til late October. The share's weekly value will be 28$, for a full season cost of 616$. A small family or couple with a good appetite for veggies should be able to eat through a share in a week. If you feel that a share may be too bountiful for your eating habits, consider splitting a share by alternating weekly pickups with a family member or neighbor.


If you find that you could use more veggies in your share we plan to set up a farm stand during the share pickup so that you can buy extra veg as you need.

Share pickup location is at our farm, just east of Stouffville on York Durham Line. We will be in touch with the exact address following sign up. Our pick up time is Wednesday from 3 - 6 pm.

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"We thoroughly enjoyed the large variety of fresh veggies and herbs we received each week. Angelina would include recipes in her weekly update which I found really helpful, as a few vegetables were new to me. The pick-ups were convenient, the produce was as fresh as you could get and delicious tasting. This was an amazing experience and we will be back!" - Laura H.

"Angelina and Kyle are such kind and sweet people, I always felt warm and welcome when picking up my harvest share. I also learned so much not only through the weekly email, but while picking up my share!" -Gino D.

"It has been an exciting summer of fresh locally grown produce. It is like getting a surprise box each week with recipe options and ideas to tailor to our families likes. It was a good learning experience for the cooks in the house as well as the taste testers." -Ellon B

"My family and I especially loved getting to try items that we normally wouldn’t think to purchase. There is no comparison when it comes to veggies grown locally versus those mass produced at big box stores." -Vanessa L.



We're excited to grow food for you! Fill out the form below to join our Share program. The share's weekly value will be 28$, for a full season cost of 616$. Be an early bird: sign up before Feb 1st and get 5% off total share price! We will get in touch shortly with more details and info for payment. Keep in mind that we can be flexible with a payment plan if a lump sum doesn't work for your budget. 


I understand that a farm season is unpredictable, and despite the best efforts of my farmers, there are variables that could affect my share. I agree to take part in the risks and rewards in farming.
I understand that I pick up my share at the farm on the date & time provided. Farm location is just east of Stouffville proper on York Durham Line. Exact location will be provided upon registration.
If I am unable to pick up my share during the designated time, I will schedule for a friend or family member to do so or agree to forfeit it.
I understand that the items in my Share are chosen by my farmers - depending on what is in season and available - customization of my Share is not possible.

Submission Recieved! We Will Be In Touch Shortly.